Changing Conferences Doesn't Affect College Football Success

Whenever teams join a new conference, commentators debate whether their "styles of play" can succeed in their new conference. This has become a clichéd debate this past decade as a plethora of universities have ditched their old ties to pursue new conferences, in search of as much television revenue as possible. Even… »10/09/14 2:34pm10/09/14 2:34pm


It Looks Like The Big East's Non-Football Schools Are Jumping Ship

ESPN is reporting that the Big East's seven non-football schools are planning to leave the conference, with an announcement coming within the next two days. The presidents of Georgetown, Marquette, Villanova, St. John's, Providence, Seton Hall, and DePaul met in New York on Sunday and had a teleconference with the Big… »12/13/12 1:30pm12/13/12 1:30pm

ESPN Is Now Trotting Out Anyone It Can To Tell You It Had Nothing To Do With Boning The Big East

The folks in Bristol are getting a little defensive over those rather inconvenient comments made by Boston College AD Gene DeFilippo, who said ESPN had influenced the ACC's decision to expand by swiping Pitt and Syracuse from the Big East. An unnamed spokesman for the Worldwide Leader has already issued the requisite… »10/11/11 12:55pm10/11/11 12:55pm

Did ESPN Bone The Big East Because They Wouldn't Sign A TV Deal?

Boston College AD Gene DeFilippo, who was part of the ACC's expansion committee that lured Pitt and Syracuse away from the Big East, says something that shouldn't be a big shocker: realignment is about money. But to see it put so blatantly, and to see the four-letter network invoked so unapologetically, well, this is… »10/10/11 2:55pm10/10/11 2:55pm