Know Your (Non-Major) Conference Champions

As you know, the first two rounds of March Madness—well, the first two real rounds—together constitute the best sports event of the year. In 48 games, teams you've maybe only vaguely heard of get their chance to knock off the teams you've heard too much of, and every year you're rewarded with at least a couple "holy… »3/12/13 5:55pm3/12/13 5:55pm


It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Weekend: Your College Basketball Open Thread

I had this whole great thing written breaking down each game with the most mind-blowing analysis the world had ever seen, but internet connectivity issues ruined it all. Just know that it would have made Dick Vitale look like a gimmicky old man—it was that good. Anyway, here you go, chat down below about the SEC… »3/10/12 12:50pm3/10/12 12:50pm

Here's How Oakland Squandered A Late 11-Point Lead And Was Upset By Southern Utah

"The Badlands Conference" is my favorite nickname for the Summit League, and it's an apt name given the conference tournament takes place in South Dakota, home to Badlands National Park. Last night's Summit quarterfinal between sixth-seed Southern Utah and third-seeded Oakland left the Golden Grizzlies in a very… »3/05/12 1:25pm3/05/12 1:25pm