Eagles Respond To Peyton Manning Audible By Yelling "Papa John's!"

Peyton Manning and hard-drinkin' Papa John Schnatter have long been engaged in a lucrative business relationship. This fact was not lost on the Eagles' defense, which attempted to disrupt Manning's audibles during yesterday's game by screaming, "Papa John's!" at him. » 9/30/13 3:25pm 9/30/13 3:25pm

One Of Our Hoopsters Is Tangentially Newsworthy, Source Says…

After Lollapalooza, we were inundated with hoopster sightings. We had a plethora to choose from and ended up doing multiple collections. One of our hoopsters was wearing a Team USA Joe Dumars jersey, turns out his brother just destroyed his ankle. » 9/15/10 5:20pm 9/15/10 5:20pm