In "A Whole New Low," Buffalo Fans Cheer Sabres' Loss

Above is video of Sam Gagner's overtime goal to put the Coyotes over the Sabres. The game was in Buffalo, yet the crowd cheered the Arizona winner. Cheered loudly, and spontaneously, to the point where if you're not a hockey fan, you might wonder if Coyotes fans travel particularly well. (They do not. And if Yotes… » 3/27/15 9:15am Friday 9:15am

Connor McDavid's Injury Means Another Fight About Fighting

Connor McDavid, the world's top hockey prospect, injured his hand in a fight last night. The OHL's leading scorer, who "doesn't fight very often," appeared to hurt himself (at about the 30-second mark of the video) when one of his punches struck the glass. » 11/12/14 11:18am 11/12/14 11:18am

Connor McDavid, Still Undressing Defenses

There are few situations more meaningless than an exhibition game at a summer development camp. I know. But still, you need to see this nasty shit Connor McDavid did: » 8/08/14 2:52pm 8/08/14 2:52pm

This Is Why Connor McDavid Is Hockey's Next Big Thing

There's a video going around this morning of an unbelievable OHL goal, the Erie center completely undressing an overmatched defender and a hapless goalie. The video is blurry, the audio distant and muffled, as if this were some black-market footage we aren't supposed to see. That's fitting, because Connor McDavid, at… » 3/06/14 11:10am 3/06/14 11:10am