Photoshop Contest: Let's Rebrand The Washington Redskins

The folks at 99designs are running a community contest to rebrand the Washington Redskins with a new team name and logo. They reached out to a few journalists to get some suggestions—e.g. Warriors (Robert McCartney), Griffins (David Plotz), and Renegades (Ken Meringolo and Kevin Ewoldt)—but anything goes, as you can… »10/09/13 11:08am10/09/13 11:08am


Deadspin Vs. Gizmodo iPhone Repair Contest: Please Submit Your Entries

That piece of crap is my phone. The first time I dropped it in the kitchen, it cracked a little. The second time I drunkenly dropped it on the sidewalk, it became worse. Then, after diving on the ground during a fake grenade attack (long story), the phone ended up in this despicable condition. It's still moderately… »7/07/11 2:00pm7/07/11 2:00pm