Is Pau Gasol Latino?

ESPN/ABC ran this graphic during today's Bulls-Spurs game in recognition of the NBA's Noche Latina campaign, and it raises an interesting question: does Pau Gasol belong on this list? » 3/08/15 3:16pm 3/08/15 3:16pm

It Took Five Minutes For An Officiating Controversy To Emerge

This is roughing the kicker. It has been called roughing the kicker all season. Officials did not call this roughing the kicker. (We do not know how inflated the punter's ball was.) » 2/01/15 6:44pm 2/01/15 6:44pm

Georgia Gets 99-Yard Fumble Return TD After Georgia Tech Stuffed

Georgia took a 14-7 lead on Georgia Tech after this Yellow Jackets attempt to sneak across the goal line got stuffed and officials held their breath rather than blowing the whistle. But did Tech get the ball across the goal line? We've enhanced some video so you can see for yourself: » 11/29/14 2:09pm 11/29/14 2:09pm

The Stupidest Solution to the "Redskins" Controversy

Charles Krauthammer is a conservative columnist with a permanent sourpuss etched into his self-impressed face. He is not a sports columnist, okay? Yet he has managed, quite impressively, to come up with the single most inane solution yet for the "Washington Redskins" name controversy. » 10/18/13 2:27pm 10/18/13 2:27pm

Chick-Fil-A Is Still Sponsoring NCAA Football

If you watched Clemson vs. Auburn at the Georgia Dome yesterday, or North Carolina State vs. Tennessee the day before, you undoubtedly noticed—because, you know, branding—that the sponsor for the games was Chick-Fil-A; the two-day event was called the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game. As you can see in the picture above, the… » 9/02/12 7:00pm 9/02/12 7:00pm

Little League Team Advances To World Series On Sketchy Third-Base Appeal

The team from Petaluma, California advanced to the Little League World Series last night after escaping from a sixth-inning rally by their Nanakuli, Hawaii opponents with an appeal to third base that a Hawaiian runner missed the bag. The score was 7-6 Petaluma at the time, with the Northern California team needing… » 8/12/12 10:00am 8/12/12 10:00am

A South Korean Fencer Is Refusing To Leave The Piste After Being…

A timing error in the last second of the bout led to a 20-minute delay and a controversial decision in the women's individual épée semifinal today between South Korean Shin A Lam and German Britta Heidemann, one that has the Korean refusing to leave the piste. » 7/30/12 2:44pm 7/30/12 2:44pm

Texas Pumpkins Accused Of Racism Over Ron Washington Blackface Costumes

Two Dallas-area pumpkins have caused a stir over their costume choices for local Halloween contests. The pumpkins, one from Irving-based 21st Century Dental (left) and the other a part of the Dawson & Sodd law firm in Corsicana (right), showed up to a statewide "pumpkin contest" dressed in the offending attire. One… » 10/28/11 4:15pm 10/28/11 4:15pm

Bernard Hopkins Is Pleased He Has His WBC Championship Belt Back

"The World Boxing Council on Thursday ruled Chad Dawson did not defeat light-heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins by technical knockout, as officials working the Saturday fight at Staples Center ruled. Instead, the WBC ruled the outcome was a technical draw, allowing Hopkins, 46, to keep his belt. 'I'm obviously… » 10/20/11 10:30pm 10/20/11 10:30pm

The Trick Shot Controversies Continue

The semantics battle between trick-shot crews continues today after news surfaced of a third claimant to the "world's farthest/longest/other synonym" shot title. Meet the corn-pone spitfires that make up the East Side trick-shot crew. » 8/06/10 1:45pm 8/06/10 1:45pm

Trick Shot Off Vulcan Monument Mired In Controversy

According to YouTube, this is the farthest basketball shot of all time. The makers of this video, The Legendary Shots, are in a pissing contest with another trick shot crew, Dude Perfect over semantics and that superlative. Unnecessary squabbling ahead! » 8/02/10 3:20pm 8/02/10 3:20pm

Sean Salisbury Gets Fired Hard for the Money

Yesterday we learned that Sean Salisbury was fired from his gig at a Dallas radio stadium, allegedly for more cellphone/dong photo hijinks. The Dallas Morning News spoke to Salisbury about his departure, and he tells a different story, naturally. » 9/12/09 3:43pm 9/12/09 3:43pm