The Baseball Hall Of Fame Is A Grim, Cruel, Terrible Place

In 1999, I was teaching advanced dialectical history at a small northeastern liberal arts college whose name I will not mention here. The season of that year that stands out the most in my own memory is Autumn. The Autumn of 1999. I remember, that Autumn, getting home from the last class of the day, putting on the… »10/23/15 5:05pm10/23/15 5:05pm


HOF Exit Polls Predict Five Players Will Enter Cooperstown

As in past years, the excellent folks behind the Baseball Hall of Fame Vote Tracker are taking note of every available Hall of Fame ballot—both publicly revealed and privately shared with the site—in an attempt to forecast who will make the cut when the official vote totals are announced tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST. »1/05/15 12:35pm1/05/15 12:35pm

John Rocker In Cooperstown, Raffles Night Of Drinking With John Rocker

John Rocker, former Atlanta Braves pitcher and anthropomorphic T-Bone steak, is in Cooperstown this weekend and he's got himself a table set up where he's hawking wares like a white T-shirt with "Speak English" written in "you know, that lettering from the Dropkick Murphys," and maybe a book that someone wrote for… »7/26/14 5:06pm7/26/14 5:06pm

Having A Hall Of Fame Vote Turned Me Into A Monster

I clicked open the post and prepared to cast my vote for who makes it onto our Hall of Fame ballot. I figured, there are about 10 no-doubters, 20 no-chance-in-hellers, and a handful of tough calls. I could knock this out in a minute. I scrolled down to see who I'd be voting on, and I halted at the poll for, of all… »12/06/13 2:53pm12/06/13 2:53pm