Robert Z. Nemeth Doesn't Care About Oddly Shaped Balls

Know what's great? (Besides those Jimmy Dean microwaveable breakfast sandwiches. Mmm mmm. I'm not actually sure why I brought this up, it's really a tangential point to the entire post.) Opinion columns written by old men who complain about everything. Enter the fray, Robert Z. Nemeth, about how football is a waste of… » 2/03/08 2:30pm 2/03/08 2:30pm

Al Arbour Promptly Removes Penguins From His Lawn

This Was Actually How The Redskins Wanted To Bring Joe Gibbs Back, But He Thought It Was Permanent, And Nobody Had The Heart To Tell Him Otherwise — This story about Al Arbour coaching the Islanders again after 13 years to round out his coaching career at an even 1,500 seems pretty cool, doubly so that he won. But… » 11/04/07 1:10pm 11/04/07 1:10pm