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Peru And Venezuela Are About To Play For South American Soccer's…

So what if Irina Grandez and Daisy Araujo didn't quite measure up to Larissa Riquelme in the "world will watch my nation's soccer match to see whether I will have to strip naked for them" sweepstakes? Paraguay Cell Phone Girl's nudity will be decided tomorrow. But, Irina and Daisy's heroes on the Peruvian side will… » 7/23/11 3:00pm 7/23/11 3:00pm

Here Are Four Ample NSFW Reasons To Root For Peru To Win Copa América

Meet Irina and Daysy. They very much would like to see Peru win the Copa America. So much so, in fact, that they intend to go sans ropas if Peru prevails. Making that proposition all the more enjoyable is how Google Translate, well, translates stories about the aforementioned potential nudity. To wit: » 7/06/11 7:45pm 7/06/11 7:45pm

"Hotel Prostitutes" Get Mexican Soccer Players Sent Home From Copa…

The Copa America is about to start, but eight players on the Mexican side are in big trouble. Seems they had a little place in their Quito hotel where they were running some Ecuadorian whores in and out, trying to be responsible. Then, laptops and iPads turned up missing. They got criticized for that, especially… » 6/29/11 11:15pm 6/29/11 11:15pm