Bad Soccer Man Smashes Opponent In Face, Then Tries To Act All Innocent

In a weird way, you have to admire the shamelessness of soccer players. This guy so obviously slams the base of his palm into the other guy’s face, then immediately stands up and wags his finger, like “Noooo way, ref. Noooooo way did I just do anything.” The audacity is awe-inspiring. »4/23/15 11:39am4/23/15 11:39am

Racing Club's Ingenious Goal Is Why We Need More Free Kick Shenanigans

Seriously, why isn't there more experimentation on free kicks? As Racing Club proved in the Copa Libertadores last night, there are trickier, probably more effective ways to score from a dead ball than just thumping it vaguely towards goal. We have enough evidence. Let's put it to use. »3/11/15 12:41pm3/11/15 12:41pm

Neymar Basically Dribbled A Ball Into The Goal From 70 Yards Yesterday

Santos star and Brazilian international Neymar has been linked time and again, often prematurely, to transfers to big European clubs. But Neymar is still in Brazil, perhaps because he can do things there like dribble the entire length of the field without someone giving him a tumble, which is what he did yesterday… »3/08/12 10:25am3/08/12 10:25am

Here's Video Of A Really Cool Goal That Wasn't Enough To Make Up For A Really Stupid Goal

In the first half of this Copa Libertadores semi-final match between Cerro Porteño vs Santos, C.P. goalkeeper Diego Baretto dove in a valiant attempt to prevent soon-to-be-Chelsea-wonderboy Neymar from scoring. Baretto dove to punch the ball away, only he dove and punched the ball back into the goal. It's pretty… »6/02/11 11:15pm6/02/11 11:15pm

Here's Video Of Some Hardcore Nut Grabbing In A South American Soccer Match

As everyone already knows, Penarol (of Uruguay) defeated Liga de Quito (of Ecuador) 1-0 in their Copa Libertadores match in Montevideo yesterday. Twas a fine victory which moved Penarol atop their group in the South American Football Confederation's tournament. But that wasn't enough for Penarol back Dario… »3/10/11 10:15pm3/10/11 10:15pm