Why Do People Hit Their Kids?

There's an old episode of What's Happening!! where Roger fucks up, and his mom decides to beat his ass (this is actually the plot of every episode of What's Happening!!). So his mom asks Rerun for his belt, only Rerun is 300-plus pounds, so when he takes out his belt, it's like eight feet long. And Roger's mom… » 9/16/14 11:11am 9/16/14 11:11am

Iowa School District Not Satisfied With Current Pussification Of…

They want to get rid of running laps as punishment in high school sports. Some scientist nerds say it amounts to corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is currently illegal in Iowa—way to go, guys—but there is a specific exemption in the definition allowing for "reasonable requests or requirements of a student… » 10/07/12 5:33pm 10/07/12 5:33pm