Bad Dentist ... Bad, Bad Dentist

This man right here is Larry Rosenthal, and he's a dentist on Manhattan's Upper East Side neighborhood. He also lives in the building that the late Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle crashed his plane into last October. This so bothered him that he's suing the Lidle family for $7 million. Not the city: Lidle's family. » 3/02/07 11:15am 3/02/07 11:15am

Perhaps This Could Have Waited

I realize that we probably shouldn't expect a lot of dignity from the New York Post, but... well, this is a bit much. The above cartoon ran in the New York Post yesterday, and while I haven't seen a ton of outrage about it, the person who sent in the tip says that several radio guys were freaking out. » 10/14/06 1:57pm 10/14/06 1:57pm

Cory Lidle: Enough Already?

Some of you may be a bit weary of Cory Lidle coverage by now, and if that's the case, you are sympatico with Planet Haystack. The Maryland-based blog, as always, has a slightly different, definitely un-P.C. take on the entire affair. An excerpt: » 10/13/06 12:45pm 10/13/06 12:45pm

I Was In 'The Cat In The Hat,' Dammit!

In a tragic time such this, it's easy to forget who the real victims are. Specifically, actor Alec Baldwin, shown here on Wednesday near the Manhattan accident scene where Cory Lidle's small plane crashed into a high-rise building. Baldwin is giving a New York City police officer the Glengarry Glen Ross treatment for… » 10/12/06 12:15pm 10/12/06 12:15pm

Cory Lidle, The Day After

As we take a step back from the Cory Lidle story a day later, we look at, perhaps predictably, the strange situation that arises when a journeyman (but capable) pitcher like Lidle suddenly becomes a household name in the worst way possible. » 10/12/06 11:45am 10/12/06 11:45am

Plane That Crashed Into NYC Building Flown By Yanks' Cory Lidle

So the plane that crashed into the Belaire buildling on the Upper East Side of Manhattan about two hours ago, freaking everybody around here the hell out? » 10/11/06 5:47pm 10/11/06 5:47pm

Some Folks Are Still A Little Mad About That Scab Business

So, Cory Lidle has left the Phillies and is heading to the Yankees. In an interview, he said he was excited about pitching in the Bronx because "over the last few years I haven't had a clubhouse that expected to win with me." This got back to Phillies reliever Arthur Rhodes, who was less than pleased. » 8/01/06 4:15pm 8/01/06 4:15pm