Shit-Talking Commentator Gets A Red Card

You don’t really need a translation of these commentators’ remarks to understand why the referee in a Costa Rican second division match jogged over to the sideline and kicked one of them out. The audible exasperation with which they use words like “malísimo,” “terrible,” and “ridículo” makes it all pretty easy to… »11/18/15 6:17pm11/18/15 6:17pm


Costa Rica Manager Resigns After Brawling With Security Guard At Match

As expected, Costa Rica national team manager Paulo Wanchope resigned today, one day after he got into a videotaped brawl with a security guard at an Olympic qualifier. According to the Tico Times, Wanchope remorsefully said “We’re all human and sometimes we can lose our senses, and yesterday I lost my senses… »8/12/15 10:24pm8/12/15 10:24pm

Costa Rica Coach Paulo Wanchope Exchanges Blows With Man At U-23 Match

Costa Rica and Panama’s U-23 teams met in Panama City Tuesday night as part of qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The match ended in a scoreless draw, and the real fireworks came after the final whistle blew. As recorded by Panamanian journalist Jhony Mosquera, that’s Costa Rican head coach Paulo Wanchope… »8/12/15 12:44am8/12/15 12:44am

Five Tips To Avoid Getting Kidnapped At Gunpoint In Costa Rica

I’m going to share with you some tips on how not to be kidnapped at gunpoint in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica and never be seen intact again. Didacticism coming at you—I’mma use every Spanish word I learned in my one-week trip to that scenic country, thereby proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that ignorance was not an asset… »7/16/15 9:15pm7/16/15 9:15pm

For A Minnow, Costa Rica's Young Team Is Fun To Watch

There has always been a very clear pecking order in CONCACAF women’s soccer. The United States are the dominant team, and lose infrequently to Canada and even more infrequently to Mexico. They are the only three teams to ever qualify for the World Cup from the continent, but in 2014 Costa Rica became the fourth. »6/08/15 2:30pm6/08/15 2:30pm

Fanboy Government Agents Illegally Spied On Costa Rican World Cup Hero

Keylor Navas was the best player on a Costa Rica team that exceeded all expectations in this summer's World Cup. Because of the goalkeeper's heroics, neutrals fell in love with him, Real Madrid fell in love with him, and Costa Ricans especially fell in love with him—a little too much, it turns out. »10/30/14 3:39pm10/30/14 3:39pm

Robben Almost Strikes Again; Netherlands And Costa Rica Go To Extra Time

Robben went down very easily on this run—though perhaps he took a tiny shot to the pelotas?—and earned the Netherlands a free kick late in the game. Costa Rica were immediately unimpressed and called it a dive, but the ref showed yellow, anyway. Wesley Sneijder stepped up to take the shot and blasted it off the… »7/05/14 6:08pm7/05/14 6:08pm

Winking Kid During Costa Rican National Anthem Is The Best

This kid right here, he's a little bit of alright. Speaking as someone who looks afflicted with some kind of palsy when he tries to wink, this kid is a pretty smooth-ass operator. He follows the camera pan all the way around and just sells it, the whole time. Total confidence, with a care-free attitude. »7/05/14 4:41pm7/05/14 4:41pm

How Do Costa Rica Compare To The Biggest World Cup Surprises Ever?

You know the soccer superpowers—the likes of Brazil, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. When those teams get out of the group stage, no one bats an eye. But every four years, there's at least one country that explodes onto the scene. Sometimes, they become soccer's version of Gonzaga—a forceful upstart with the… »6/21/14 1:48pm6/21/14 1:48pm