Ok. St.'s Final Possession Was Alternatingly Electric And Maddening

For three quarters, the Cotton Bowl was a defensive game. In the fourth quarter, both offensives exploded and began trading touchdowns. The fire inside Gus Johnson that had been contained all night, was slowly rising for what we surely all knew was going to happen. Missouri took a 34-31 lead with three minutes left… »1/04/14 1:58pm1/04/14 1:58pm

Missouri Players Flip Their Shit After Seeing Cotton Bowl Gifts

Each college football bowl has a specific gift package for the players participating, and it's safe to say the Missouri Tigers were happy with the Cotton Bowl's presents. The video starts out with some nice team apparel—you have to serve the appetizers first—but when the Apple products come out, holy shit. »12/24/13 11:45am12/24/13 11:45am

Joe Flacco Wasn't The First To Consider Leaving The Sideline To Tackle An Opponent

After the Super Bowl, it was revealed that Joe Flacco had seriously considered running onto the field from the sideline to tackle Ted Ginn if Ginn had broken off a big kick return on the last play of the game. Flacco's idea was a ridiculous one, and would have resulted in the 49ers being awarded a touchdown, but it… »2/15/13 6:15pm2/15/13 6:15pm

"Johnny Footbaaaaalllll": Two Drunk Ladies Hijacked The CBS Cotton Bowl Pre-Game Show

The Cotton Bowl was an occasion for much revelry for fans of Texas A&M, who went into the contest confident about their odds against Oklahoma and got to see local hero Johnny Manziel for the first time since he picked up his Heisman in New York. That means, of course, that filming the pre-game set piece in the Cowboys… »1/05/13 3:20pm1/05/13 3:20pm