Country Club Takes Potential Dress Code Modification Very Seriously

A few months ago, the board of governors of the Chester Valley Golf Club considered widening the scope of the club's dress code to include denim. But what kind of ramifications would such a radical change bring? Would the club be plunged into chaos? Perhaps! Such questions left the board of governors with only one… »6/27/13 12:10pm6/27/13 12:10pm

Michael Jordan Reportedly Banned From Swanky Country Club For Wearing Cargo Pants On The Golf Course

Retirement has not been kind to Michael Jordan's fashion sense, and now Jordan's curious wardrobe choices seem to have gotten him banned from La Gorce Country Club in Miami. The New York Post has the story, in which anonymous sources claim that Jordan arrived at the golf course wearing cargo pants, refused to change… »11/28/12 11:44am11/28/12 11:44am