Chris Stapleton Is Your New "Real Country Music" Savior

So the 49th-annual Country Music Association Awards—the Grammys for people who hate ObamaCare, basically—went down last night, and the guy in this video won all the important ones. (Not Justin Timberlake; the other one, the burly, hirsute fella who looks like an extra in that new movie where Leonardo DiCaprio sleeps… »11/05/15 11:18am11/05/15 11:18am

Cops Overwhelmed By Drunks; Kenny Chesney Sparks White Riot At Lambeau

Cops arrested 22 people at Kenny Chesney’s Saturday concert at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, and dozens others were ejected for misbehaviors police attribute entirely to alcohol. At one point, cops were so overwhelmed by miscreants that they momentarily lost track of exactly how many troublemakers had been booked for… »6/22/15 2:01pm6/22/15 2:01pm

Lethally Blonde: Miranda Lambert's Cheerful Country-Radio Revolution

You approach a Miranda Lambert song called "Automatic" with certain expectations—by not approaching it at all, really, instead crouching behind a desk, or a wall, or a Camaro, or something, braced for a cleansing, delightful hail of epithets and flames and bullets. She's a Texan country superstar whose first big song… »6/03/14 12:50pm6/03/14 12:50pm

Kerry "the Crooning Cannon" Collins Is a Country Music Songwriter

Lost in the bedlam that has overtaken my hometown over the Titans 9-0 start and Kerry Collins becoming an MVP candidate is this fact: Kerry Collins has written a country song. Which is entertaining on several levels, but not nearly as entertaining as the title: "It's Not Hard to Be Happy When I'm Looking at You."… »11/13/08 12:30pm11/13/08 12:30pm