Kornhesier Crabgate, The Next Day: Shocking New Details Emerge

Now it seems that key sources are backing off from their claims that ESPN chatterbox Tony Kornhesier had acted like a pompous ass at a Delaware seafood restaurant recently. Here's the original item from the Pulp Culture Blog in the Wilmington News Journal, which claims that Kornheiser threw a fit when they didn't haveā€¦ » 7/16/08 12:00pm 7/16/08 12:00pm

Tony Kornheiser Is Very Fussy About His Shellfish

In case you were wondering just what Tony Kornheiser is really like, apparently these days the needle on the douchemeter is pressed all the way to the right. I can't imagine going to a seafood restaurant and throwing a fit because my favorite variety of crab isn't on the menu, but then I don't work for ESPN. » 7/15/08 12:30pm 7/15/08 12:30pm