Vin Scully Makes Even Stories About Crack Pipes Endearing

Detroit is out in Los Angeles for interleague play tonight, which means America's most valuable treasure Vin Scully has the opportunity to discuss some players he doesn't often see. One Tiger Vin's plenty familiar with is former Angels outfielder Torii Hunter, and the Dodgers announcer took his third inning at-bat… » 4/08/14 11:09pm 4/08/14 11:09pm

Rob Ford's Kimmel Appearance Featured A Suggestion He Go To Rehab

Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, filling three segments in which the crack-smoking Toronto mayor covered such topics as his alleged homophobia, his bizarre and profane caught-on-video rants, and whether or not he needs professional help for alcoholism. » 3/04/14 12:39am 3/04/14 12:39am

A "Demented-Looking" Laurence Fishburne Mocked Rob Ford To Raptors Fans

Actor Laurence Fishburne attended last night's Clippers-Raptors game at the ACC in Toronto, and he ended up seeing a hell of a game. (A historic one, even!) He was also allegedly really drunk (err, "tired and emotional"): » 1/26/14 2:03pm 1/26/14 2:03pm

Here's What Crack Actually Does To Your Brain

You know Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoked crack. But scientifically, do you know what crack does to the brain, and how its side effects manifest? Here's AsapSCIENCE with a quick and dirty rundown on how crack works and its side effects, including the gross, gross, gross delusional parasitosis, which I thought was… » 11/20/13 12:26pm 11/20/13 12:26pm

"Oh My God, He's Attacked Somebody!" Rob Ford Goes On Rampage

Toronto's City Council is meeting today to attempt a continued removal of mayor Rob Ford's powers, and it seems the plump crack pipe smoker isn't having any of it. We're not sure what led him to confront councillor Pam McConnell this way, but can you really say you never expected a CBC News anchor to say "Oh my God,… » 11/18/13 3:16pm 11/18/13 3:16pm

"I Am a Sick Motherfucker!": Rob Ford Is Very Angry About...Something

The Toronto Sun has broken an important turn in the ongoing saga of Rob Ford, Toronto's crack-smoking mayor. A half-hour ago, the Sun posted snippets of a video of a probably drunk and/or high Ford beating his chest and ranting about stripping to his underwear and ripping someone's throat out for calling him a bird… » 11/07/13 12:44pm 11/07/13 12:44pm

"Drunken Stupors": A Crack-Smokin' Rob Ford Music Video

Rob Ford admitted today to smoking crack in one of his "drunken stupors." He said it with such rhythm and panache that we turned it into a stupid song. » 11/05/13 2:50pm 11/05/13 2:50pm

(Update) We Are Raising $200,000 to Buy and Publish the Rob Ford Crack…

As you may have heard, Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, smokes crack cocaine. We've seen a video of him smoking crack cocaine, and the people who have the video would like to sell it. Through the miracle of crowdfunding, you can help. Please consider donating to the Rob Ford Crackstarter. » 5/17/13 1:15pm 5/17/13 1:15pm

Dodgers Release Crack Smuggling Minor Leaguer

Kengshill Scheider Pujols is a minor league pitcher with the Vero Beach Dodgers, and the man stuffed 118 bags of crack cocaine into his underwear. The unfortunate thing about it is that he didn't even wait for "Stuff Bags of Crack-Cocaine in Your Underwear" night at Vero Beach, and almost certainly missed out on… » 11/19/06 1:45pm 11/19/06 1:45pm