Argonauts Not Happy Rob Ford Talked About Eating Pussy In Their Jersey

When the Toronto Argonauts' social media manager woke up this morning, I doubt he or she thought that they were going to have to tweet out an official statement regarding Rob Ford and all the pussy he may or may not be eating. But Ford decided to wear his customized "MAYOR FORD" Argos jersey while continuing to … »11/14/13 12:14pm11/14/13 12:14pm


At Last, LeBron James Speaks On This Whole Rob Ford Mess

Crack-smokin' mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack yesterday, and everyone in Toronto is understandably abuzz about Rob Ford and his crack-smokin' ways. Lucky for us, the Miami Heat just happened to be in town to play the Raptors last night, and a few Toronto sportswriters thought it would be a good idea to ask… »11/06/13 11:40am11/06/13 11:40am