Your Fake, Zany Craigslist Ad Is Stupid And Annoying

In 2015, the only people out there who have any real use for Craigslist are hookers and serial murderers. Personally speaking, I haven't used the site since 2009, when my wife and I bought an outdoor playhouse from a lady nearby. Turned out the playhouse had a colony of yellowjackets inside of it. Craigslist is… »1/30/15 3:43pm1/30/15 3:43pm


Want Free Stanley Cup Tickets? Try Impressing This Craigslist Weirdo

Are you a Chicago Blackhawks fan who desperately wants to go to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday? Well this is your lucky day, because somebody is offering up two free tickets to the game on Craigslist. But don't go thinking that you won't be earning these tickets, buddy. Oh no, if you want these tickets,… »6/10/13 5:53pm6/10/13 5:53pm

For The Person Who Always Thought The Wizard Of Oz Was Crap Without Boston Sports Teams

I have two pieces of excellent news for you. First, this work of art, "There's No Place Like Home," can be yours for only $1,000. A thousand bucks! What a bargain for this "beautiful hand painted mural by and up and coming local artist." You can't just walk into the Musee d'Orsay and take home a Gauguin, but you can… »8/28/12 11:25am8/28/12 11:25am

This Man Will Pay You To Teach Him About Football, Because He Lied To Impress A Woman

So, yes, humorous Craigslist postings are usually fake. But on the off-chance this one's not, and because it's funny enough to deserve it, read the tale of one sad Brooklynite who took to Craigslist to find a football tutor. He needs a crash course in what it's like to be a quarterback, and his very relationship may… »1/26/12 3:05pm1/26/12 3:05pm

Does Anybody Know A Nine-Year-Old Power-Hitting Catcher In Raleigh?

I'm not sure why I'm so taken by this Craigslist posting, sent in by a pair of readers, seeking a very specific sort of ballplayer for a Wake County (N.C.) 9U travel team. Maybe it's because all the nine-year-olds we remember from little league swung as hard as they could on every pitch, and because everything hit to… »1/10/12 11:20am1/10/12 11:20am