Nick Saban Is Like Hitler, Says Alabama Fan Who Loves Nick Saban

AL.com's Jon Solomon has written a wonderful article about the die-hard Alabama fans who flock to SEC media days with the hope that they will get a chance to meet Nick Saban. Some arrive looking for an autograph, others want to give gifts to Saban, and some just come to pay their respects—and also to glowingly compare… » 7/18/13 6:22pm 7/18/13 6:22pm

We've Established What You Are. We're Just Haggling On Price

At first, when we heard about Fan For Hire, we yawned a bit. At first glance, it's just another sports fan trying to make a bit of cash by "auctioning off" his "loyalty." We have no problem with this — there are so few opportunities sports fans have to actually make money rather than, you know, shovel it directly into… » 3/15/06 11:00am 3/15/06 11:00am