Old-Man Fight Features Broken Golf Club Used As A Sword

If you've spent a significant amount of time playing golf, you know how awful going through a round with a shitty playing partner can be. But no drunk, angry, or overly talkative golfing buddy will ever be as bad as one 59-year-old man from Detroit, Mich., who allegedly broke a club over his playing partner's head… » 6/07/13 2:01pm 6/07/13 2:01pm

Your Trophy Sleeps With the Fishes

Tiny little Haverford College, best known for producing intellectual types ( Bethlehem Shoals! » 11/15/08 1:00pm 11/15/08 1:00pm) and lesbians smarter than the rest of us, will attempt to win its sixth straight championship today in the super exciting sport of cross-country. The Black Squirrels are led by Tom Donnelly, a legend in the sport who has…