Nice Knowing You, Loud Tennis Grunter People

Tennis fans have enough crazy to distract them — crazy fans, crazy parents, Damir Dokic — so it makes complete sense for the International Tennis Federation to consider further penalizing the plain-old crazy grunters. » 6/16/09 11:30am 6/16/09 11:30am

Crazy Parents Work, But...

What do Serena Williams, Andre Agassi and Mary Pierce have in common? They all were the products of obsessive — even sociopathic — fathers and, more to the point, they enjoyed the kind of success no up-and-coming American tennis prodigy can currently boast. And maybe that's not a coincidence. » 6/02/09 4:20pm 6/02/09 4:20pm

All Sixth Grade Girls Games Need Stands Clearing Brawls

From today's "Little League parents are freaking insane" file, we present you with a story that we are glad to point out is not, in fact, from Ohio. It's from Oregon, and it involves one crazy coach of sixth graders. » 2/18/08 5:10pm 2/18/08 5:10pm