The Plays That Power The Creighton Offense, The Best In A Decade

Since the beginning of the KenPom era in 2002-03—college basketball's own little Copernican Revolution, during which the laws of the universe finally began to piece themselves together—there hasn't been an offense as efficient or as skilled as the 2014 Creighton Bluejays. But exactly how it operates is even more… »3/21/14 12:15pm3/21/14 12:15pm


How Creighton Created The Craziest, Deadliest Offense In The Country

The box score from last night's Creighton-Villanova game—a game that ended with Creighton upsetting the No. 4 team in the country behind 21 made three-pointers—looks like a fluke. No team is supposed to heave 35 three-pointers in 40 minutes, let alone connect on 60 percent of them, right? Wrong. The Creighton Bluejays… »1/21/14 12:42pm1/21/14 12:42pm

Watch Creighton's Grant Gibbs Inbound The Ball Off An Alabama Guy's Back And Score

These are always great. Grant Gibbs goes off Nick Jacobs's lumbar for the easy layup, giving us the rare and wonderful highlight/lowlight combo. (Creighton won the game by a point.) Clark Kellogg calls it a "smart schoolyard play," which raises the question: What kind of schoolyard game features inbounds passes? [TBS] »3/16/12 4:29pm3/16/12 4:29pm

Creighton's Doug McDermott Learned Being The Coach's Son Sometimes Means Being Humiliated On TV

Creighton fell to Wichita State 89-68 last night—the 15th-ranked Bluejays' third loss in a row—and the slow meltdown of the perennial MVC powerhouse was made clearly evident in this incident late in the first half. Creighton star Doug McDermott's erratic play earned him a nasty tongue-lashing from head coach (and… »2/12/12 12:24pm2/12/12 12:24pm