Australian Cricketer Suspended For Etching A Dick And Balls On Pitch

Australian cricketer Daniel Worrall found himself a little bored during a match last Friday. Suddenly struck by inspiration, he decided to draw the dick and balls you see above onto the pitch, an act of lewdness for which he has now been suspended. Where the hell is your sense of humor, Australian cricket league? » 3/18/14 9:57am 3/18/14 9:57am

Cricket Celebrations Are The Most Celebrational

In a match between two countries elsewhere in the world, these two men whose names would require some looking-up did something cricket-tastic, inspiring them to embrace one another in such exultant exuberance that we can only look on, awestruck. At first we wonder what could give rise to such obvious joy. Cricket, it… » 12/30/13 8:10pm 12/30/13 8:10pm

Trash Talk In Cricket Is Pretty Awesome

In cricket, talking shit and trying to mentally break an opponent is known as "sledging." Interesting! Australia captain Michael Clarke sledged England batsman Jimmy Anderson during a Test match Monday in Brisbane, telling Anderson to "get ready for a broken fucking arm." It probably wouldn't have been as big of a… » 11/26/13 10:40pm 11/26/13 10:40pm