Father Of Retiring World Famous Cricketer: He Was Only Okay, Could've Been Better

Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara retired after playing his final test cricket match against India the other day. The accolades are rolling in—the Sri Lankan president offered him the post of High Commissioner (ambassador, sort of) to the United Kingdom—and everybody is weighing in on his legacy and place in… »8/25/15 11:02pm8/25/15 11:02pm

Seagull Thrives After Getting Knocked Out During Cricket Match

The Perth Scorchers took on the Melbourne Stars in something called the Big Bash League yesterday, but more interestingly, a Scorchers batter nailed a seagull with a hit. It wasn't quite Randy Johnson demolishing a dove with a fastball—the damn thing didn't explode—but I'm sure it didn't feel good to the poor… »1/21/15 9:28pm1/21/15 9:28pm

Israeli Cricket Umpire Dies After Deflected Ball Strikes His Chest

An Israeli cricket umpire has died after a ball came off a batsman's bat, hit the wicket, and then struck him in the chest and neck region, according to Haaretz. The amateur league umpire—Israel has no professional cricket league—was in the proper position behind the wicket, but unlike in baseball, cricket umpires… »11/29/14 4:05pm11/29/14 4:05pm

Australian Cricketer Suspended For Etching A Dick And Balls On Pitch

Australian cricketer Daniel Worrall found himself a little bored during a match last Friday. Suddenly struck by inspiration, he decided to draw the dick and balls you see above onto the pitch, an act of lewdness for which he has now been suspended. Where the hell is your sense of humor, Australian cricket league? »3/18/14 9:57am3/18/14 9:57am