Ex-NFL RB Michael Bennett Arrested For Alleged Forgery, Elder Abuse 

Former NFL running back Michael Bennett was arrested in Petaluma, Ca. on Thursday and held on suspicion of forgery, elder abuse, grand theft, and burglary. Bennett allegedly took out more than $300,000 worth of fraudulent loans in his girlfriend’s parents’ names. The parents realized something fishy was going on after… »Saturday 1:45pm11/21/15 1:45pm


Eagle-Punching Menace Arrested In London Suburb

The bald eagle is one of the most majestic creatures to grace our Earth, a beautiful bird that humankind has come to interpret as a symbol of freedom and defiance. According to Defenders Of Wildlife, there are some 70,000 bald eagles left in North America, which is the happy ending to a remarkable recovery story that… »Saturday 12:03pm11/21/15 12:03pm

Man Convicted Of Killing Adrian Peterson's Son Sentenced To Life In Prison

A South Dakota judge sentenced Joseph Patterson to life in prison without the possibility of parole Thursday, the mandatory minimum sentence. Patterson was convicted of second-degree murder in September for the death of Adrian Peterson two-year-old son, Tyrese Ruffin. Peterson learned that Ruffin was his son a couple… »11/19/15 10:44pm11/19/15 10:44pm

Russell Branyan Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Into Ex-Wife's House, Stealing Stuff, Turning Down The Thermostat

Former Major League Baseball player Russell Branyan was arrested last night in Nashville, Tenn., on a charge of felony aggravated burglary, allegedly of his ex-wife’s home. Russell, who has long owned a home in nearby Franklin, allegedly committed the burglary on Oct. 30. He was released on a $2,500 bond. »11/17/15 5:22pm11/17/15 5:22pm

Report: Patrick Kane Unlikely To Be Charged In Rape Case

Three months ago, a Buffalo woman accused Patrick Kane of raping her at his home in nearby Hamburg, N.Y. The investigation revealed that a Buffalo PD officer served as Kane’s chauffeur the night of the alleged rape, involved a rape kit that might have been tampered with but was found to be a hoax perpetrated by the… »11/01/15 1:44pm11/01/15 1:44pm

Police: Glen Rice Jr. Shot In Leg, Arrested For Carrying Half A Pound Of Weed

According to police, former Washington Wizard Glen Rice Jr. was shot in the leg after getting into an argument at an Atlanta restaurant. After the shooting, he was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after police say they found a bag containing 240 grams of weed and Rice Jr.’s passport near the scene. »10/26/15 4:46pm10/26/15 4:46pm

TMZ: Fred Jackson Revved Engine At Another Car, Raced Down One-Mile Stretch

Yesterday TMZ reported that Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson got into an accident outside of the team’s practice facility while “drag racing” with teammate Marshawn Lynch. While no one disputes Jackson crashed his car into a stop sign, he says he wasn’t racing, and the Renton (Wash.) police say there is no… »10/21/15 6:57pm10/21/15 6:57pm

Fight In Cowboys Parking Lot Ends In Shooting, Victim Flown To Hospital

A fight in the Cowboys stadium parking lot after their 30-6 loss to the Patriots tonight ended in a shooting, with the victim flown to the hospital and the suspected shooter arrested by police. Per Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Cowboys beat reporter Clarence Hill, the victim was shot in the head and is in serious condition. »10/11/15 11:34pm10/11/15 11:34pm

Thabo Sefolosha Testifies He Was Giving Money To Beggar When Arrested

Thabo Sefolosha testified today that he was trying to give money to a beggar and then leave in a car service when he was arrested outside of a New York City nightclub in April. That is when, according to Sefolosha, a police officer who had been unnecessarily belligerent and confrontational to him shortly before, and… »10/07/15 9:58pm10/07/15 9:58pm

Cops: Priest Pulled Gun On 8-Year-Old Because He Was A Cowboys Fan

Father Kevin Carter of St. Margaret of Cortona in Little Ferry, Nj. was arrested on Friday and charged with one count of fourth degree aggravated assault with a firearm and one count of third degree endangering the welfare of a child for an incident that occurred back on September 13. According to Bergen County… »10/04/15 11:03am10/04/15 11:03am

There's a Reliable Therapy for Sex Offenders -- But Nobody Wants Them to Get It


In June of 1994, a convicted child molester named Charlie Taylor moved into a small apartment in downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, across the street from a community center. He had no family. He had no parole officer. At the time, sex offenders deemed too dangerous to be let out of prison early were, paradoxically,… »10/01/15 3:29pm10/01/15 3:29pm