Cris Carter's "Fall Guy" Advice Was Kept Off The Record At The NFL's Request 

At the 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium, Cris Carter told incoming players that it’s in their best interests to have a “fall guy” in their crew—one man willing to take the rap and even go to jail to keep the player out of trouble. There was, for the first time in the symposium’s history, a reporter in the audience: The… »8/24/15 5:14pm8/24/15 5:14pm

Guy Sues Cris Carter Because Cris Carter Allegedly Took A Bunch Of His Money And Didn't Record The Rap Song He Was Promised

The market's not what it once was. Back in the 90s and 2000s, we were promised pain-free growth. Stick that money in Sun, son, and watch it inflate. Now the times are hard. One must turn to unconventional investment opportunities. "Emerging markets," as they say in the business. Markets such as rap songs produced by… »7/26/12 5:15pm7/26/12 5:15pm