The New Best Place For An Outdoor Hockey Game: A Roman Amphitheater

Yes, yes, the next Winter Classic will be at the Big House, and it'll look great with 120,000 freezing and screaming fans. Do you realize we're falling desperately behind the Europeans in the all-important "playing sports where sports aren't meant to be played" race? Why, just last month, a Russian minor league announced … » 6/19/12 11:25am 6/19/12 11:25am

Two Croatian Government Workers Are In Trouble For Flashing Everyone…

Croatia took a vital three points from Ireland over the weekend, sending fans into spasms of joy and occasional nudity. Now two women face losing their jobs after photos of them baring their chests at Sunday's match—including one of an Irish fan licking one woman's breasts—have been seen by pretty much the entire… » 6/13/12 11:05am 6/13/12 11:05am

Polish Riot Police Vs. Croatian Hooligans—Who Ya Got?

We knew Polish police came prepared for Euro 2012, pants-pissing sound cannons and all. And we expected Eastern European fans to make trouble, because that's what they do. (UEFA has already opened an investigation into racist abuse from Russian fans.) But it turns out our first battle in the streets came at the hands… » 6/11/12 9:40am 6/11/12 9:40am

Tony Henry, Croatian Soccer Hero

Interpreting this post's title, one might assume that Tony Henry, pictured, scored the game-winning goal in Croatia's crucial Euro 2008 defeat of England. Nope. Tony Henry doesn't even play soccer. He's a British opera singer. And thanks to a small gaffe, a new Croatian hero. » 11/24/07 1:00pm 11/24/07 1:00pm

Sounds like lyrics from an X-rated John…