Crossfitter Hurts His Balls

Reader Jon sent this video of his friend training at a Crossfit gym. The Bruno Mars song playing makes what happens next all the more agonizing. Hopefully, this man's balls are OK. » 12/09/14 3:40pm 12/09/14 3:40pm

Paleo Diet Metastasizes Into Paleo Life

No grains. No starches. No refined sugar or dairy or coffee. With the Paleo Diet, it's all fruits and meat and nuts, and sometimes an herbal tea. But as the New York Times observes, proponents of the diet have morphed their new eating patterns into an entire lifestyle, and that lifestyle has birthed a cottageā€¦ » 9/24/14 12:36pm 9/24/14 12:36pm

What's The Matter With CrossFit?

On May 12, CrossFit filed suit against the National Strength and Conditioning Association, claiming the NSCA's Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a study based on "'junk' science" to suggest that the fitness program "causes injuries at a high rate." The motive, the suit alleges, was to undermineā€¦ » 7/24/14 10:16am 7/24/14 10:16am

CrossFit Sues "Competitor" For Revealing Its Injury Rates

CrossFit, America's high school weight room for adults, is suing the National Strength and Conditioning Association for publishing a study it says is "based on data that is objectively false" and "intended to scare participants away from CrossFit." » 7/10/14 5:47pm 7/10/14 5:47pm

Transgender Woman Sues CrossFit For Not Letting Her Compete With Women

A transgender woman filed lawsuit against CrossFit on Thursday, claiming that the company rejected her from competing in the women's division because of her gender at birth. » 3/09/14 4:20pm 3/09/14 4:20pm

CrossFit Athlete Paralyzed After Severing Spine During Competition

CrossFit athlete Kevin Ogar was paralyzed from the waist down after severing his spinal cord in the middle of a competition last Sunday in California. » 1/19/14 10:08am 1/19/14 10:08am

This Is What Happens If You Question CrossFit's 'Tough Titsday' Class

If you're a woman who has a problem with the name of CrossFit's women-only "Tough Titsday" class, you get kicked out of the entire boy's club. » 5/06/13 2:23pm 5/06/13 2:23pm