Back In 1995, The Simpsons Visited The NFL On Fox, And Homer Took A Shot At Jerry Jones

This only came to my attention yesterday, and—as I'm a Simpsons fan and something of a sports enthusiast—I figured that if I hadn't seen it, most people likely hadn't. In 1995, the Simpsons did what has to be the best promo for the NFL on Fox—for any pre-game show—ever. It's not quite vintage, untethered Simpsons;… »12/16/12 12:30pm12/16/12 12:30pm

Listen To Allen Iverson Recall His Crossover On Jordan, And Other Wonders From Those Who Break Ankles

The New York Times has a great video today that features some of the best crossover artists to ever play the game. One of the highlights is hearing Iverson, who just looks overjoyed to be talking about better times, reminisce about his famous '97 crossover against Michael Jordan — and that's layered with Dwyane Wade's… »5/26/11 1:55pm5/26/11 1:55pm