Why Yes, It Does Look Like A Clemson Coach Had A Michelle Obama Trapper Keeper On The Sidelines

Not sure who. Not sure why. Not sure how. But yes, tipster David S. — who wishes he'd turned his lamp off before photography commenced — is correct in thinking that's an image of First Lady Michelle Obama on an assistant Clemson University football coach's folder last night. »10/16/11 3:30pm10/16/11 3:30pm


Lil' Wayne Likely First Rapper Ever To Wear A Women's College Basketball Jersey In Public

Weezy's full-blown crush on Notre Dame guard Skylar Diggins swelled to a creepier degree last night, when he performed at Indiana University in a #4 Fighting Irish jersey. We're unable to confirm this, but we reckon that this just may be the first time in our nation's history that a rapper has donned a women's college… »4/13/11 3:30pm4/13/11 3:30pm