Club America's Insane Liga MX Title Win Included A Goalie Scoring

Down 1-0 with a few minutes left in regulation, Club América looked like the runners-up to Cruz Azul for the Liga MX Clausura title. In those last minutes, though, Club América was able to send the game into extra time and eventually come up with their 11th title by winning in penalties. Oh, and Club América was… »5/27/13 10:40am5/27/13 10:40am


Cruz Azul Fan Tries To Shake Hands With Cruz Azul Player, Starts Massive Brawl, Is Rescued By Other Team

Just shake the guy's hand and have a laugh. You don't need to knock him down and kick him. Because that would make any proud fan upset. Here's the play-by-play: A Cruz Azul fan takes the field after his team goes down by three goals. He approaches Gerrardo Torrado with sarcastic salutations. Torrado ignores him.… »5/16/11 1:00pm5/16/11 1:00pm