Man City Takes On CSKA Moscow In Empty, Eerie Stadium

Manchester City traveled to Russia today to take on CSKA Moscow in a Champions League match, and the two sides are currently playing in an entirely empty stadium because CSKA fans were banned from attending for being racist all the time. » 10/21/14 12:41pm 10/21/14 12:41pm

Russian Soccer Fans Were Racist Today. But Were They Racist Enough?

Champions League soccer is back on today, and English side Manchester City traveled to Russia to play CSKA Moscow. City won, 2-1. City have the better team, so the result itself isn't shocking. But going to Russia to play soccer sucks. It's far. It's cold. The environment is oppressive. CSKA are actually really,… » 10/23/13 3:58pm 10/23/13 3:58pm

Ilya Bryzgalov Leaves Russian Team Because He Thinks The Lockout Is…

Here's what's not up for dispute: Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, best known for being a crazy person, will not be playing anymore for CSKA Moscow. He finishes his KHL stint with a 6-5 record and a 2.13 GAA. The real question is, why is Bryzgalov leaving now? » 12/31/12 11:20am 12/31/12 11:20am

Your KHL Update: Importing the Enforcer

While the NHL and the NHLPA may or may not be making significant progress toward saving the season, hockey rages on abroad. Hopefully I'll have reason to stop doing these posts soon, but in the meantime, here's your second weekly KHL fix. » 11/08/12 6:00pm 11/08/12 6:00pm

What horrifying thing Alexander Radulov saw on player…

Arvydas Sabonis Plays Basketball, Is Huge

Last year, the Blazers' and international legend suffered a heart attack while playing basketball. He was supposed to take it easy after that. "The doctors told me, 'You can't smoke, you can't drink, you can't play basketball.' So of the things I like, only sex is left." » 11/07/12 10:00am 11/07/12 10:00am

Swedish Soccer Fans Wake Up Opponents With 4 A.M. Fireworks Show

CSKA Moscow is in Stockholm to play AIK tonight, in the first leg of a Europa League qualifier, and the Russians were just trying to get a good night's rest. Enter AIK fans, who showed up outside CSKA's hotel in the middle of the night with flares, fireworks, whistles and car horns. » 8/23/12 11:30am 8/23/12 11:30am

NBA Is Big In Russia, Says Article Quoting People Pretending To Be…

The Miami Herald fell for a fun little prank last night, as the Heat took on CSKA Moscow. Two Floridians decked themselves out as CSKA fans, played the part of Russians, and woudn't you know: the Herald made them the lede. » 10/13/10 3:50pm 10/13/10 3:50pm