Brain Damage May Have Played Role In Death Of Former Quarterback

In May, former Division II football star and Ravens quarterback Cullen Finnerty was found dead in the Michigan woods near his family's fishing cottage. At the time, Finnerty's cause of death was not apparent, but an autopsy has revealed that Finnerty died of pneumonia, and that chronic brain damage known as Chronic… »8/08/13 1:45pm8/08/13 1:45pm


Former Division II Quarterback Found Dead In Michigan Woods

Cullen Finnerty, a former quarterback for Grand Valley State University and a three-time Division II national champion who was briefly a member of the Baltimore Ravens, was found dead Tuesday night by rescue workers who had been looking for him since he went missing on Sunday. Finnerty's body was found in the woods… »5/29/13 12:50pm5/29/13 12:50pm