Zambia Won The African Cup, Leading To This Kerri Strug-Bela Karolyi…

Zambia stunned the Ivory Coast yesterday in winning the African Cup of Nations after a 17-minute 8-7 penalty shootout. » 2/13/12 2:20pm 2/13/12 2:20pm

Canadian Bobsleigher Almost Killed By "Wood In His Buttock"

Chris Spring, an Australian bobsleigher who currently pilots a four man crew for Canada, was recently involved in a nasty crash while training in Germany for the World Cup. Three of the four men were airlifted to the hospital after careening into a crash barrier due, it is believed, to a steering error. Spring, who… » 1/07/12 1:00pm 1/07/12 1:00pm

World Cup Open Thread: Uruguay-Netherlands

Semifinal No. 1 is here. Can Uruguay continue its historic run, or will the Dutch squadron fancy-footwork its way into the championship game? Try to stay cool and comment below. » 7/06/10 2:30pm 7/06/10 2:30pm

Germany Won The Battle, But Their Manager Is Revolting

Yes, England were outclassed on the pitch. But off it, not so much. Joachim Low thought he might get away with a quick "pick your nose and eat it", but, well, he didn't. » 6/28/10 3:15pm 6/28/10 3:15pm

World Cup Open Thread: Netherlands-Slovakia

Are we in for a high-scoring match? Will the Netherlands squad Van Der Sloot the Slovak team from the competition? Or will the Slovaks say "Leave me alone" and continue their run to the quarterfinals? Watch it and comment below. » 6/28/10 10:00am 6/28/10 10:00am

World Cup Open Thread: Portugal-Brazil; North Korea-Ivory Coast

A Kaka-free Brazil and Portugal play to see who wins the group while Ivory Coast and the Bad Korea play for third place. Comment about the action below. » 6/25/10 10:00am 6/25/10 10:00am

Today In Karma: Italian Player Viciously Flops, Game-Tying Goal…

The man writhing around on the ground as if he'd been splashed in the face with acid is Italy's Fabio Quagliarella. His theatrics led to Slovakian keeper Jan Mucha's yellow card. Thankfully, the universe doesn't stand for that shit. » 6/24/10 5:00pm 6/24/10 5:00pm

World Cup Open Thread: Australia-Serbia

The Socceroos have their work cut out for them if they want to advance to the knockout stages. If they even want to start going through all the tie-breaker scenarios, they need to win this game. Comment and follow the action below. » 6/23/10 2:30pm 6/23/10 2:30pm

Here's Video Of Landon Donovan's Winner (Music-Free Update)

In the 91st minute of a 0-0 draw, after a great throw by Tim Howard, Landon Donovan led the attack downfield, culminating in a put back goal by Landycakes himself. Just like that, the USMNT's stay in South Africa was extended. » 6/23/10 12:45pm 6/23/10 12:45pm

World Cup Open Thread: France-South Africa; Mexico-Uruguay

We have simultaneous games today. Can France get its shit together against the host nation? Can Mexico grab a point to move onto the next round? Toggle back and forth and comment below. » 6/22/10 10:00am 6/22/10 10:00am

World Cup Open Thread: Serbia-Ghana

Serbia tries to turn off The Black Stars. Aleksander Hemon is confused as to whom to root for. Serbia. Ghana. World fucking Cup. Read some Aleksander Hemon before the game, he's the tops. » 6/13/10 9:55am 6/13/10 9:55am

Gary Bettman Does Not Appreciate Your Octopus-Throwing Antics

A Red Wings fan throwing an octopus on the Columbus Blue Jackets home ice? Sir, this will not stand! (Scuffle ensues — see photo). » 4/24/09 11:45am 4/24/09 11:45am