Head Of Elite Youth Basketball Program Charged In Drug Investigation

As reported by the Washington City Paper, Curtis Malone, the co-founder and president of DC Assault, has been arrested after a year-long DEA investigation indicated that he is a part of a D.C. drug ring. DEA agents found what is believed to be 100 grams of heroin and one kilo of cocaine in Malone's house. » 8/12/13 4:14pm 8/12/13 4:14pm

Reports: Jamar Samuels Ineligible Because His Former AAU Coach Gave Him…

The usually angry Frank Martin was reduced to tears this afternoon following his team's loss without Jamar Samuels. According to Topeka-based writer Austin Meek, Martin was without Samuels because his former AAU coach and DC Assault founder, Curtis Malone, sent him money before the NCAA tournament. » 3/17/12 6:47pm 3/17/12 6:47pm