The Baffling Story Of The "NO IN DA BUTT" Ford Escort GT

Growing up as a kid who loved cars, I have many memories of certain influential cars I used to see around in Greensboro, NC. There was the pristine beige '66 Beetle in my neighborhood, the MGA I saw on the way to fifth grade every day, and I think I knew where all two of Greensboro's Fiat Stradas were in the 1980s.… »4/03/13 4:21pm4/03/13 4:21pm

Bryce Harper Has A Bat Rack In The Trunk Of His Customized Mercedes-Benz

From the Washington Post comes a visual tour through Bryce Harper's customized Mercedes-Benz AMG. It's a snazzy car, but not nearly as ostentatious as some other customized vehicles that we've seen from athletes in the past. Although Harper gets plenty of points for subtlety, that doesn't mean that his car isn't… »7/10/12 3:55pm7/10/12 3:55pm