7-Year-Old Girl Writes To Scientists Asking Them To Make Her A Dragon

Australia's got its very own pint-sized Khaleesi in 7-year-old Sophie Lester of Queensland, who over Christmas wrote a letter to the national science agency CSIRO asking for a dragon of her own. Both the letter and the agency's response are so cute you're going to feel like passing out. »1/08/14 6:05pm1/08/14 6:05pm

This Photo Of The Georgetown And Butler Bulldogs Is Just The Cutest Goddamn Thing

The Georgetown Hoyas and Butler Bulldogs each have a pair of adorable bulldog mascots. Today, Georgetown Jack and Georgetown Jack Jr. welcomed Butler Blue 2 and Bulter Blue 3 (Butler Blue 1 is apparently dead retired. Sad face.) to their campus for a summit of adorability. That's how we got the picture above, which… »2/08/13 11:59am2/08/13 11:59am

This Young Pens Fan Brought Her Teddy Bear To Last Night's Game. The Bear's Name? "Miller Lite."

Kids give their stuffed animals crazy names. When I was little, I had a stuffed bunny named "Ted Kennedy." So maybe I shouldn't be too shocked that this young fan, interviewed in Pittsburgh before last night's Pens-Flyers matchup in the Stanley Cup playoffs, has a bear named "Miller Lite." Some shame, though, should… »4/14/12 4:15pm4/14/12 4:15pm