Little Man United Fan Flips Out Over Her Preschool's Blue Uniform

In the world of soccer, there are reds and there are blues. Sure, there are green and white and purple jerseys, too, but the great divide is between the reds and the blues. In the video above, one bawling little Manchester United fan shows just how deep these color allegiances run. » 10/09/14 5:16pm 10/09/14 5:16pm

Dodgers Fan Gives Lesson In Fandom During Fifth-Grade Graduation Speech

We don't have much background info to go with this video, but it looks like young Casey was asked to share his favorite memory from the past year during his fifth-grade graduation ceremony. Casey flips the script, though, and chooses to talk about his least-favorite memory: the day the Giants won the World Series. » 6/18/13 11:38am 6/18/13 11:38am