A Sure-Why-Not Theory Explains Why The Mavs Might Lose DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan was all set to become a Dallas Maverick last week, but now he might be staying in Los Angeles after all, and everyone is wondering what the hell happened. Well, good news! We just received an illustrated theory from a tipster that lays out a very compelling case for how the Clippers got back into the… »7/08/15 4:52pm7/08/15 4:52pm


Mark Cuban Twists Deron Williams's Words To Make Williams Seem Unhappy With The Nets

On Monday, Deron Williams told reporters that he decided to stay with the Nets instead of signing with the Mavericks due to the absence of Mavs owner Mark Cuban (who was filming an episode of Shark Tank at the time) at the free-agency pitch. Today, Cuban fired back at Williams, but chose to call Williams out for what… »10/09/12 5:30pm10/09/12 5:30pm

Craig James Once Blew A Chance To Make Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars With Mark Cuban

Long before he was a gay-baiting U.S. Senate candidate, and long before he was a dipshit broadcaster for ESPN, Craig James was approached by Mark Cuban to invest in the company that eventually sold in 1999 for $5.9 billion in Yahoo stock. James's partner in the deal was Ross Perot Jr., and James's stake was said to be… »3/05/12 8:20pm3/05/12 8:20pm

"Hey, It Was The Seventies": Mark Cuban Narrates A Gallery Of His Debaucherous College Rugby Years

Ed. note: Yesterday, while innocently patrolling the internet, we came across a link to Mark Cuban's Google+ gallery of old computer ads. We found this gallery to be very boring, and out of curiosity, we clicked back to Cuban's Google+ profile, where we found multiple public galleries of his rugby years at Indiana… »7/07/11 12:05pm7/07/11 12:05pm

Mark Cuban Will Pay College Journalists Something To Do Something With Data About Something Having To Do With Sports

Mark Cuban does not much appreciate this blog, I have learned. Or didn't, once upon a time. In fact, Cuban does not much appreciate sports journalists in general. He's been in the sports biz for 12 years and thinks the "the dumbest guys in the room are always the media guys." Cuban, of course, think everyone is dumb… »4/07/11 6:15pm4/07/11 6:15pm