Readers: Let's Come Up With A Less Awful Trophy For The Winner Of Iowa-Iowa State

Now that the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board have abandoned their ill-fated agrarian-robot-family-allegory design for the Cy-Hawk Trophy, how will the victors in the annual football showdown between Iowa and Iowa State know they've won? Please help bail out the corn industry by… » 8/24/11 2:20pm 8/24/11 2:20pm

The Winner Of Iowa-Iowa State Will Not Get This Awful Trophy

No one's ever said corn doesn't have ears. After universal derision of the new Cy-Hawk Trophy, it has been decided that the silver-gilt monstrosity shall never again see the light of day. At a press conference this afternoon, the Iowa Corn Growers Association expressed their regrets, and announced that an "interim… » 8/23/11 3:35pm 8/23/11 3:35pm

The Winner Of Iowa-Iowa State Gets This Awful Trophy

This is the new Cy-Hawk Trophy, given annually to the winner of the Iowa State-Iowa football game. It depicts an Iowa farmer presenting to his family some of the subsidy-fattened corn crop that he will soon sell to an Archer Daniels Midland processing plant in Keokuk, whereupon the corn will be converted into… » 8/19/11 7:15pm 8/19/11 7:15pm