Peter Sagan Wins Cycling World Championships With Late Solo Attack

Peter Sagan’s 2015 season has been a masterclass of near misses, impressive second places, and unfulfilled expectations. Sure, he won the points jersey at the Tour de France for the fourth year running, but his five runner-up placings overshadowed his versatility. Back in the Spring, when he failed to deliver the… »9/27/15 6:00pm9/27/15 6:00pm

Fabio Aru Beats Tom Dumoulin To Win Vuelta a España

Tom Dumoulin was never supposed to be this close, and yet, for 19 stages, he was. The Vuelta a España is a cruel race full of steep ascents. The guys who win this race trend lighter and less well-rounded than Tour de France winners, simply because the parcours are a sadistic climbing party with few time trials. Chris… »9/13/15 12:54pm9/13/15 12:54pm

Cyclist Pancakes Into Car In Painful Crash

Irish rider Matt Brammeier was seriously injured when he collided with a car during yesterday’s Stage 6 of the Tour of Utah. I could tell you the timestamp when it happens in the video, but the anticipation is gnarly—and you’ll see it (and hear it) coming before it goes down. And keep watching for the motorcyclist who… »8/10/15 11:48am8/10/15 11:48am

An Adult’s Guide To Learning To Ride A Bicycle

The Anna Karenina principle of biking is this: Everyone who learned how to ride a bicycle did so in roughly the same boring way; anyone who made it to adulthood without learning required a unique series of roadblocks, failures, negligence, and procrastination. If you fall into the latter group, congratulations! Your… »7/15/15 2:20pm7/15/15 2:20pm

Can Nairo Quintana End Europe's Stranglehold On The Tour De France?

This year’s Tour de France boasts the strongest group of contenders this decade. Chris Froome and Vincenzo Nibali split the last two Tours in dominant fashion. Alberto Contador, the greatest stage racer of his generation, hasn’t finished a Grand Tour lower than first in over a year. All three are highly decorated… »7/06/15 3:01pm7/06/15 3:01pm

Asshole Spectator Grabs Cyclist's Handlebars, Causes Broken Collarbone

Australian cyclist Loren Rowney was in full sprint, gunning for first place at the Molecaten Drentse 8—a race in the Netherlands—when some asshole reached his hand out (seemingly on purpose) and grabbed her handlebars, causing her to spill to the pavement. Instead of possibly winning the race, or more likely taking… »3/12/15 10:34pm3/12/15 10:34pm