Scott Boras Emerges In Toronto For Rodriguez Peacekeeping Mission

Given all the wackiness that's ensued since Alex Rodriguez marital woes have hit the news cycle, it's tough to disseminate between truth, fiction, fodder, and horseshit hearsay. Strangely, some of the gossip has been true to a certain degree — Madonna has "canoodled" with A-Rod; Cynthia has used Lenny Kravitz's Paris… »7/14/08 1:00pm7/14/08 1:00pm

Red Sox Nation Will Treat This News With The Proper Amount Of Restraint And Sympathy

After days of speculating about the state of Alex Rodriguez's marriage it appears that the one truthful item out of this whole entire scandal is that he and his wife, Cynthia (can't bring myself to say "C-Rod" — yet) are not getting along. Late yesterday afternoon, the tabs and gossip blogs began reporting that… »7/03/08 9:20am7/03/08 9:20am