Watch A Darts Player Produce "Magic The Like Of Which We May Have Never …

I won't pretend to know the rules of darts—I guess you don't have to hit the bulls-eye? I thought that was the main thing—but it's obvious something special is happening here when Michael van Gerwen takes over the PDC World Championship by hitting "a nine-darter"—and then nearly doing it again. The crowd freaks, the… » 1/06/13 6:05pm 1/06/13 6:05pm

This Is What Passes For A Fight At The World Darts Championship

England's Phil Taylor beat the Netherlands' Raymond van Barneveld in the semifinals of the PDC World Darts Championship in London yesterday, but not without a little controversy. Van Barneveld appeared to refuse to let go of Taylor during the post-match handshake, the two exchanged words, and it was as on as darts… » 12/31/12 4:10pm 12/31/12 4:10pm

Raise A Pint For The Short, Fat, Drunk, And Dead Darts Legend Jocky…

On this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang Up and Listen podcast, Mike Pesca tells the story of Scottish dartsman Jocky Wilson, who died in March. Wilson dominated the sport in the early 1980s, and spent the rest of his career as a wonderfully larger-than-life sort. Just one line from his obituary in The Guardian: "At… » 4/13/12 2:25pm 4/13/12 2:25pm

Holy Shit, This Guy's Fucking Hair Is Ridiculous

Here's pro darts player Peter Wright, somebody we spotted yesterday on NBC Sports Network and just couldn't avoid capturing. It turns out the dude's known for having hair that is absolutely fucking ridiculous, and it's not entirely clear what that viper on the side of his head is (paint? a tattoo?) except that the eye … » 4/01/12 9:00am 4/01/12 9:00am