Jimmie Johnson Wins Daytona 500; Danica Patrick First Woman To Place In Top 10

NASCAR elected to go on with the Dayton 500 today after Kyle Larson's wreck at the same track yesterday, when his car's engine flew through the protective fence and into the crowd before debris injured 28 spectators. Jimmie Johnson won the race for his second career victory at the Daytona 500, but the biggest news… »2/24/13 5:51pm2/24/13 5:51pm


A Cardboard Cutout Of Joe Paterno Is Still Selling You Bread At A Grocery Store In Pennsylvania

Glen Rock, Pa. is about 127 miles south of State College, and immeasurably farther away from everything else going on in the world, apparently. Reader Mark sent us this photo today from Wetzel's Shurfine. It captures a more innocent moment long ago, back when Joe Paterno was just "Head Football Coach and Real Italian… »12/24/12 4:49pm12/24/12 4:49pm

NASCAR Media Take The Restrictor Plates Off Their Praise For Trevor Bayne

OK. We get it. Trevor Bayne is going to save NASCAR. Or something like that. On Sunday, the apple-cheeked 20-year-old sent the motor sports world into an onanistic reverie by becoming the youngest driver to win the Daytona 500. It was only Bayne's second start in the big leagues of the Sprint Cup. No matter. He's… »2/21/11 7:21pm2/21/11 7:21pm