Dale Murphy Once Got A Lame Autograph From Richard Nixon

Yesterday, former Atlanta Braves star and beloved-by-the-internet old dude Dale Murphy decided to celebrate President's Day by showing his Twitter followers a picture of one of his prized pieces of memorabilia: a baseball with Richard Nixon's autograph on it. The autograph reads, "To Dale Murphy, from one of his… » 2/19/13 4:40pm 2/19/13 4:40pm

Dale Murphy Is Into LCD Soundsystem And Has No Idea How He Ended Up On…

Dale Murphy dropped by reddit yesterday to answer a few fan questions (perhaps as a way of rallying support before the December 31 Hall of Fame ballot, the last on which his name will appear, perhaps because he felt like it). Convivial and honest as usual, Murphy gave some great answers, including posting the picture… » 12/22/12 12:15pm 12/22/12 12:15pm

Dale Murphy's Son Drew His Dad This Heartwarming Cartoon

It's Dale Murphy's 15th and final year on the Hall of Fame ballot, and while his chances of getting in are slim, his children are doing their part to honor him the way they remember him. Tyson Murphy isn't a sports fan—he's an artist at Blizzard Entertainment, the video game developer responsible for the World of… » 12/18/12 10:45am 12/18/12 10:45am

Dale Murphy Saw Pablo Sandoval's Homers Last Night And Wished He Had…

The pudgy Pablo Sandoval spanked lean, mean Justin Verlander during Game 1 of the World Series last night. Fat Ichiro—that's one of his nicknames—hit three home runs. This was improbable. Sandoval hit only 12 all season. Verlander allowed only 19 all year. But Fat Ichiro can do that to you. » 10/25/12 12:35pm 10/25/12 12:35pm