Woman Who Took Jerry Jones Pics Files Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Assault

Jana Weckerly, the woman who took those gross photos of Jerry Jones posing with some strippers and finally emerged last week via a statement from her lawyer, has now filed a civil suit against Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys alleging that Jones sexually assaulted her. Some of the allegations within it will make… » 9/09/14 6:49pm 9/09/14 6:49pm

Mystery Woman Linked To Jerry Jones Scandal Tells Her Side Of The Story

Earlier today, we received a press release from an attorney representing Jana Weckerly, a woman who has previously been linked to those gross photos of Jerry Jones and some strippers. Until now, we didn't know for sure how Weckerly was, if at all, involved in the saga. After speaking to Weckerly's attorney on the… » 9/05/14 5:48pm 9/05/14 5:48pm

Orlando Scandrick Got Boned By The NFL's Stupid Drug Testing Policy

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick has been suspended for the first four games of the season after testing positive for PEDs. This is dumb, because while Scandrick did have drugs in his system when he was tested, if his version of events is true, there's no way that the drugs he took should have been… » 8/12/14 11:33am 8/12/14 11:33am

NFL Execs Pissed That Head Of Officiating Was Seen On Cowboys Party Bus

Earlier in the week, TMZ released a video of Jerry Jones's son Stephen partying with several people, including what appears to be Dean Blandino, the NFL's head of officiating. According to at least one person Jason La Canfora spoke to in the league, that is "definitely" him in the blue, skipping out of a Dallas… » 8/08/14 12:19am 8/08/14 12:19am

The Story Behind Those Jerry Jones Photos Is Weirder Than The Photos

Those weird photos of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and some ladies hanging out in what appears to be a bathroom come with an equally bughouse backstory. They were first put on the internet by a man named Frank Hoover, who alleges that they were taken by people looking to set up Jerry Jones in an extortion plot. Hoover… » 8/05/14 1:27pm 8/05/14 1:27pm

Tyron Smith Isn't A "Cowboy For Life." He Just Got Screwed.

Yesterday, Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith signed an enormous eight-year extension, valued at $110 million over 10 years. Today, Dallas is telling everyone that it guarantees Smith will be a "Cowboy for life." As we know by now, the numbers in NFL contracts are bullshit. But this is outrageous enough bullshit that it… » 7/31/14 5:17pm 7/31/14 5:17pm