Michael Vick's Dog Receives Key To The City

Back in February, when folks in Dallas were outraged that the city's Mayor Pro Tem had awarded Michael Vick with a key to the city that, he explained, was really "for the children," the Dallas Observer ran the headline that included the phrase, "As It Turns Out, Anybody Can Get a Key to the City of Dallas." Last week,… » 5/12/11 3:00pm 5/12/11 3:00pm

Michael Vick Gets Key To Dallas, Shit From Owner Of His Former Pit Bull

Michael Vick had a long week in Dallas. At first, he was maybe hosting a party with a SWAT team and its own trailer that eventually got called off and that he had "no intention of participating" in anyway. Luckily, Vick's personal mentor Tony Dungy canceled the party. » 2/08/11 11:00am 2/08/11 11:00am