Teams Fouling DeAndre Jordan Lose Because They're Already Losing

During last night’s Spurs-Clippers game, TNT threw up a graphic showing the Clippers’ record when DeAndre Jordan shoots at least 12, 14, and 15 free throws in a game, implying that the donkey show you were watching at the time—a professional athlete performing his sport’s most boring component badly—is not only a… »4/20/15 3:11pm4/20/15 3:11pm


Behold, The Most Useless Graphic Of The NBA Playoffs

The map above—from TNT last night—is one of those "who's getting the most buzz" graphics that are as ubiquitous as they are useless. Unfortunately, Houston and Portland both wear red, a nuance lost on whatever computer program generated this image. Better luck next time, computer program! »4/28/14 1:56pm4/28/14 1:56pm

The Greatest Season In NBA History*, Brought To You By DeAndre Liggins

The play above—what looks like an afterthought in LeBron James's 61-point outburst against the Bobcats—represents the sole meaningful play of #14 DeAndre Liggins's season. Spending most of the year in D-League, Liggins was signed by Miami late in February and released in mid-March, appearing in just one game. He… »4/18/14 2:26pm4/18/14 2:26pm

Cherrypick Your Way Through 143 Years Of Baseball Stats

Did you know that Curt Schilling led the league in complete games from 1992-2001? That Tim Raines led the league in hits from 1981-87? That Fred McGriff led the league in home runs from 1987-95? All great stats to argue for your favorite player's HOF admission, made possible by the magic of cherrypicked, arbitrary… »1/09/14 3:48pm1/09/14 3:48pm