Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby, Calls Victims 'Unrapeable' 

In a Friday interview with New York’s 105.1 Breakfast Club radio show, Damon Wayans offered a long and stereotypical defense of Bill Cosby. Cosby has now been accused by more than 45 women of rape and sexual assault. In July, 35 of those women—ranging in age from 44 to 80— appeared on the cover of New York magazine… »9/06/15 4:05pm9/06/15 4:05pm


In Living Color At 25: Highlights From A Comedy Revolution

“I was on my way home from bingo and got caught up here in the riots,” says Benita Buttrell, a nosy neighborhood gossip played by Kim Wayans on the ‘90s sketch-comedy show In Living Color. As she sits at a bus stop, decked out in mismatched jewelry with her signature plastic curlers still setting her hair, neighbors… »4/20/15 2:13pm4/20/15 2:13pm